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Please donate to this family

We will be donating $5 from every return filed during the 2020 tax filing season for 2019 tax returns to this family. We also ask that our clients and friends donate what they can as well. Please donate to this amazing family. They are facing really tough times with their 3 year old son Aiden being diagnosed with cancer. They are off from work and traveling to and from the lower mainland for treatment blocks. Aiden has been a trooper, but the fight is going to be harder and longer than expected now. As a result of the hardship faced, we need to come together to help them through it. They are the most friendly and caring people and they definitely deserve our very best effort. If it is in you to give, please do. If you can't donate, you can share the post to help the cause. Thanks. You can go to the GoFundMe url and see the diary style posts about their tough journey. For accounting, marketing, business consulting, audit representation, and tax services contact us through the site. You may also Book online at We are currently taking on new corporate clients as well as individuals. Email us at to get great personalized service and even better rates. See us for new customer discounts. Use promo code NEW10. We will beat any advertised rate. See us for personalized service and great rates. We want you to keep more money in your pocket. We provide off standard hours and online options as well as pick up service. We can do all returns and bookkeeping catered to your needs. Remote online options as well as pick up service. #YLWtax#KtownBiz#OCbiz#UBCObiz#Ktown#GMOREbiz#OkanaganBiz#BCbiz#KtownMarketing#Succorsparkandspawn#bookkeeper#accountant#online#kelowna#bc#canada#canucks#taxes#ylw#okanagan#ubco

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